Too many businesses spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on websites and applications for their business, only to find out later that they create more problems than they solve.

  • Applications that force you to bend over backward to get the work done
  • Applications that make your customers' experience painful and frustrating
  • Applications that simply don't work and break your website

From tiny little Concrete5 apps to more complex pieces of software, I know how to design and build tools that will help you reach your business goals and increase your bottom-line.

Without the headaches.

Nour has done virtually every form of technical work one can think of, from the greatest to the tiniest!

He has a lot of experience and ideas in business as well and offers recommendations on sales flow and more.

Shelly Thorn

Shelly Thorn Founder - Yoga Teacher Central

Tools that build & grow your business

You know your trade better than anyone else and you're an expert in your field. Chances are you have ideas that would make your work (and life) easier and more productive and increase your bottom-line.

Funny coincidence, I too am an expert in my field.

My field of expertise is to understand your business needs and build applications that fulfill those needs:

These are only a few examples and I can create applications from scratch or improve on existing ones.

I favor simplicity and efficiency and I put a great deal of effort and energy in ensuring my work puts you in control and empowers you.

Ultimately what I do is help you build your business, free up your time, and make your life generally easier.

And if you like fishing and spending more time with your family, that's included as well.

Ready to get started?

First, head over to my lovely little project information page and give me the details about your project.

I'll contact you back so we can get to know each other a little better and discuss how we can work together.

If it's broken let's fix it

You must be able to rely on your website at all times—period!

I have a proven record fixing broken apps and clunky websites to make sure they work—and do the heavy lifting—for you, not the other way around.

I look into optimizing them too. If I can find a way to do in 1 simple step what currently takes you 3, I'll let you know.

You can expect increased productivity from your Concrete5 website and major cutbacks on lost goodwill from your users.

And don't be surprised if you finally get back that peaceful sleep that was eluding you at night.

Maybe you'll finally have time to take-on Yoga?

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