Sprout Package


This package is for you if you want to make sure you project a professional image and don't leave anything to chance. You want your SEO and Analytics efforts to go beyond the basics.

 Everything included in the Seedling Package
Everything included in the Seedling Package above is included in this package

 Visual identity
Add a logo and tagline to your site Set you theme's colors to match your company visual identity

 Emailing & email marketing
Create up to 3 emails with your domain name (e.g. support@yoursite.com, john@yoursite.com) Redirect all emails to one central address for easy management (if required) Setup auto-responders for each email address (acknowledge message received, provide useful info…) Add up to 3 Newsletter registration forms as required (Mailchimp or saved locally)

 SEO, social sharing & analytics
Add tags to the site for improved search engine indexing Automate sitemap's generation Add social tags for better social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… As required) Add advanced Google Analytics for better user tracking (track clicks on links and buttons, form submission, eCommerce interaction… As required)

 Peace of mind
Automate content indexation for faster internal search Automate cleanup to avoid database bloat and keep the site snappy (old page versions, outdated data…)


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