Blossom Package


Requires a VPS or Private Server

This package is for you if you work with a team and want granular control over access and tasks permissions. You want to be ready to sell and want your site and operations to be secure. You might also need a multilanguage website backend and/or frontend. You will have development needs in the future and want to make sure your development is separate from your live site.

 Everything included in the Seedling package + Sprout Package
Everything included in the Seedling and Sprout Packages above is included in this package

 Members & teams
Activate advanced permissions Create users and user groups with specific task permission levels (edition, file management, system admin…) Secure specific pages or group of pages for members only viewing (think membership site)

Setup languages for a multilingual back-end to accommodate an international team (up to 3 languages other than default) Add language trees for a multilingual front-end that caters to international users (up to 3 languages other than default)

Setup server .htaccess and Concrete5 to use an SSL certificate (doesn't include installation of the certificate) Communication with your host to oversee installation of an SSL certificate (as required) Install a 2-factor login protection system to prevent hacking of admin and user accounts

 Development site
Create a full copy of the live site on a sub-domain to serve as development site Shielding of the development site against all public viewers and search engines indexing (access granted to logged-in users only) Connection of the development site to the Concrete5 community for easy installation of themes and plugins for testing purposes


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