No matter how easy it is to use Concrete5, you'll first have to deal with installing it and setting it up.

That includes dealing with server and database stuff and understanding the nuts and bolts of websites' best practices.

To the uninitiated, it means a daunting and potentially frustrating process.

To the technically challenged it's gut-wrenching scary…

The DIY way?

Concrete5 is simple to install and you could learn to DIY your Concrete5 installation.

It's a good way to learn…

Until things go south and leave you with a broken half-installed website.

It also takes you away from growing your business and that might not be the best use of your time.

The Concrete5 community forum is full of users stuck in the very first stages, wasting hours—if not days— desperately hoping for someone to come to their rescue.

Like I said, potentially frustrating and gut-wrenching scary.

The Done Right For You way

To make sure you're off to a good start—and preserve your sanity—I can take care of things for you and give your website the best foundation to grow and thrive.

That includes Installing Concrete5 and setting it up based on your business needs and on some plain—experience-fuelled—common sense.

Some of the settings included are for:

  • Structuring and adding content
  • Preparing for SEO & Marketing
  • Hardening security
  • Improving performance
  • Planning for future development
  • And more…

I had an urgent job I needed to get sorted for a client's site that I had been struggling for days to sort out.

At the 11th hour Nour put a priority on my request and got it done!

Reliable and good - what more do you need in a developer?

Maria Hadziyannidou

Maria Hadziyannidou Design Agent - Agent Orange

The upside

Under my care, both you and your website get personalized attention. Your website gets pampered and you get the tools you need most to work with.

You get to focus on building your business while I give you the best foundation to build on—at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to do it yourself.

There's a catch—I'm busy

I do good work so I have a good reputation and that keeps me busy.

And because I want to keep doing good work I have to use my time wisely so my Concrete5 Installation plans are available by application only.

I need to know more about you

In all honesty, I'm only interested in working with clients who understand the value good foundations and a professionally done installation will add to their website. So—as I said above— my Concrete5 Installation services are available by application only.

Please review the 3 packages below and select one. You will be taken to a form for you to use to get in touch and see if you qualify.

You have 3 packages to chose from

Each package targets a specific set of requirements and needs and each one builds on the previous one.

Each and every one of them will take you a long way on the road to a successful and manageable website.

1⋰ Seedling Package

The base package is for you if you want to be up and running as best as possible so you can develop your business online step by step and see where it goes. Extra development work is not in the cards yet and more aggressive SEO and Analytics are not really needed.

 Base installation
Configure your Domain Name to reach your server Install Concrete5, a theme of your choice, and unlimited plugins (offer suggestions if needed)

 Basic structure & content
Add up to 10 pages Add up to 3 forms for contact and requests Upload up to 30 files for easy management Add up to 3 menus (top, side, and footer as needed)

Connect to your C5 community account for easy future updating (create account if needed) Setup content editor for best practice Setup SMTP for more reliable emailing Setup favicon for bookmarking (create a simple one if needed) Setup timezone

 Marketing, SEO & analytics
Add Google Analytics or Tag Manager (basic) Set up social links for sharing your content Setup canonical URLs to avoid search engine penalties Setup pretty URLs

 Performance & security
Setup .htaccess for improved performance (browser caching, assets compression) Setup .htaccess for base security (server details obfuscation) Change the Super Admin username to something harder to guess Hide Concrete5 version number to leave hackers in the dark

2⋰ Sprout Package

This package is for you if you want to make sure you project a professional image and don't leave anything to chance. You want your SEO and Analytics efforts to go beyond the basics.

 Everything included in the Seedling Package
Everything included in the Seedling Package above is included in this package

 Visual identity
Add a logo and tagline to your site Set you theme's colors to match your company visual identity

 Emailing & email marketing
Create up to 3 emails with your domain name (e.g., Redirect all emails to one central address for easy management (if required) Setup auto-responders for each email address (acknowledge message received, provide useful info…) Add up to 3 Newsletter registration forms as required (Mailchimp or saved locally)

 SEO, social sharing & analytics
Add tags to the site for improved search engine indexing Automate sitemap's generation Add social tags for better social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… As required) Add advanced Google Analytics for better user tracking (track clicks on links and buttons, form submission, eCommerce interaction… As required)

 Peace of mind
Automate content indexation for faster internal search Automate cleanup to avoid database bloat and keep the site snappy (old page versions, outdated data…)

3⋰ Blossom Package

Requires a VPS or Private Server

This package is for you if you work with a team and want granular control over access and tasks permissions. You want to be ready to sell and want your site and operations to be secure. You might also need a multilanguage website backend and/or frontend. You will have development needs in the future and want to make sure your development is separate from your live site.

 Everything included in the Seedling package + Sprout Package
Everything included in the Seedling and Sprout Packages above is included in this package

 Members & teams
Activate advanced permissions Create users and user groups with specific task permission levels (edition, file management, system admin…) Secure specific pages or group of pages for members only viewing (think membership site)

Setup languages for a multilingual back-end to accommodate an international team (up to 3 languages other than default) Add language trees for a multilingual front-end that caters to international users (up to 3 languages other than default)

Setup server .htaccess and Concrete5 to use an SSL certificate (doesn't include installation of the certificate) Communication with your host to oversee installation of an SSL certificate (as required) Install a 2-factor login protection system to prevent hacking of admin and user accounts

 Development site
Create a full copy of the live site on a sub-domain to serve as development site Shielding of the development site against all public viewers and search engines indexing (access granted to logged-in users only) Connection of the development site to the Concrete5 community for easy installation of themes and plugins for testing purposes

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