Full site diagnostic and clean-up

A website is like a car or your teeth. Over time stuff that doesn't belong there accumulates and rots and things get yucky and squeaky and end-up biting you in… the rear end.

Your website starts slowing down which frustrates your clients. And when they start noticing little annoyances here and there, things that don't work as expected, a page that seems to be missing blocks, they'll let you know… by going to the competition.

A full site diagnostic and clean-up will speed-up your website, improve security, free-up space on your server, and fix-up annoyances big and small.

  • You get a full safety backup before I start anything else.
  • You get sensible security measures implemented at the server's level.
  • You choose from a list of security measures I'll suggest at the site's level
  • Your site's core and plugins are updated safely, also increasing security.
  • Your content is checked for dead links.
  • You get old data cleanup and removal to increase database's speed.
  • I tweak your cache settings for optimal results.
  • On completion, you get a new backup.

And because I am a Concrete5 specialist, I can promise you I won't zig when I'm supposed to zag. I handle things safely and responsibly (hence the 2 backups).

For best results, I suggest at least a yearly or bi-yearly intervention. Of course, it depends on how often you add to and update your website and on traffic so your mileage may vary.

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