Is it really always that simple?

I’m a father of 3. I belong to multiple cultures by birth and upbringing. I live in a world of endless possibilities thanks to what I do.

At first glance, it seems I write code and offer consulting services and support to website owners and fellow web artisans. I meet and work with entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

I build tools and applications that save you time and effort and let you focus on your business so your bottom line improves.

And yes, sometimes, I do feel I’m perceived and hired as barely much more than a pair of coding-hands.

But once in a while, I cross paths with someone who has a vision. Not necessarily a groundbreaking one. Sometimes not even a strategy or a clearly defined path to success. What they have is an innate sense of purpose. A deeply rooted belief that their project carries the possibility, the seed, of something of meaning to them and to others.

Be it the hope to improve theirs and their family’s lives or simply the need to prove to themselves that they can, and they will; that vision drives them forward relentlessly.

And just once in a while, I am lucky enough to work on that vision. Just once in a while, I am given the privilege of partaking in somebody’s dream and helping them along the way with enthusiasm and work, with advice, sometimes with reassurance, even friendship. Always with infinite curiosity.

It is in these rarest of occasions that I truly adore my job and thatβ€”feeling like a valued partner on a life-altering missionβ€”I find myself energized beyond what I thought possible.

This is what I really want you to know about me.

My skills, the technologies I mastered, my education and background, are all fairly well documented and frankly quite mundane tidbits of information. You could easily find out about it all by going through this website or my public profiles on other websites (e.g. Concrete CMS (ex concrete5), GitHub, Twitter).

Still, here’s a snapshot of the languages and technologies I work with:


And here’s another snapshot of the services I built apps on top of:


Last but not least, and since I’ve been claiming to be a concrete5 specialist, know that I am also a concrete5 agency partner meaning Portland Labs, the team behind concrete5 trust my skills enough to send work my way.


Anything else that would matter to you enough to ask, I’d be more than happy to answer. You are welcome to shoot me an email.

I had a number of concerns with our website and with previous programmers that had built and worked on the website.

You put me at ease with regard to ALL of those concerns. I felt immediately I could trust you and I was not wrong.

I feel very fortunate to have found someone who was so sincere in their offer to help.

Michelle Chadwick

Michelle Chadwick National Chairperson - Sleep Disorders Australia

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