Concrete5 development retainers

You have on-going development needs and the longer we partner, the better I know your biz and the more ROI you get.

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Custom concrete5 development

You need to build, manage, and automate your operations. I make you tools that don't sacrifice user experience.

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Concrete5 support retainers

Your website needs on-going TLC or disaster recovery? I can save you from website management hell.

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Your business is thriving—why is it that you can never seem to catch a break?

Did you experience that exhilarating feeling of watching your business thrive and grow only to be hit hard by the realization that you don't have a life anymore? Your website ate it away!

Ask yourself…

  • Do you spend more time dealing with time-sucking management tasks by hand than building your business?
  • Are your efforts consistently crushed because you have to work around more bugs than you ever thought possible?
  • Do you feel you reached a plateau because you don't have access to the data that would make a difference?

I can help you free yourself from your website.

Your website should be doing the grunt work for you, not the other way around. It should be a revenue-driving asset, not a productivity-killing liability. Isn't it time to get your life back and put your website to work?

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Share the details of your project with me and I’ll contact you back with ideas and pointers to get you started in the right direction.

We can take it from there and get that needle moving for you and your business.

You're looking to grow your business and eliminate any hassle for you and your customers

I can create tools and offer support that solve real—time-consuming & money-wasting—business problems.

Let's be honest. Slaving over an Excel file to keep track of your customers is not the best use of your time. And not being able to collect actionable data when real people browse or buy your products is nothing like the road to success.

I can craft you tools that will make your website do the heavy-lifting—not you. Together we will delight your customers and put time back on your side. From there on you can focus on what you do best: grow your business.

Concrete5—tool of the trade

I recommend Concrete5 to all my clients because it is jam-packed with business features and so intuitive to use it’ll make you feel like a super-hero. Even if you’re a technically-challenged newbie… which I’m sure you’re not!

It also happens to be a powerful platform, built with modern and battle-tested technologies so it’s not going obsolete any time soon.

Oh, and it’s totally free and open-source under a zero-restriction MIT license.

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Got a project that could use specialised eyes on? Tell me more about it and let's discuss how to get that ball rolling.

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Get emergency help

Every single day your website acts up, you lose income opportunities. I can get your site back to normal right away.

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