Are you struggling to keep up with your own website?

You shouldn't have to.

And you shouldn't have to waste your time either. Scouring public forums for help and watching Youtube videos trying to figure it out on your own sounds nothing like a strategy for success.

The reality of websites is that somebody needs to look after them on an ongoing basis so you need someone reliable and easy to reach to take care of it for you.

I provide on-going techno-nerdy support to take the load off your back so you can spare yourself the frustration and merrily go back to making money.

Your business is a success but to keep growing you need more time to focus on what you do best.

I’ve been working with Concrete5 since 2011 and one thing I know is how much valuable time business owners waste every day taking care of small and not so small tasks and tweaks. The soul-sucking kind.

When you’re busy micro-managing your site, including dealing with little annoyances (∗cough∗ bugs ∗cough∗) that’s time spent not doing more of the stuff that got your business to this point.

That's not what you're skilled at so it's a waste of YOUR time. You're just not the best person for the job

A nerd like me can do it better and faster and you’ll be better off creating content, wooing clients, and enjoying quality moments with your family and friends.

Long story short, you need techno-nerd support by your side to rescue you from website management hell.

What kind of support will you get—you ask?

A support subscription gets you what you need for smooth day-to-day operations, much needed tweaks and improved security. Among other things…

So how does support work in a nutshell?

  1. we get a signed agreement and first payment in place
  2. you send tasks by email and I schedule them to be completed
  3. I also provide proactive support
  4. we repeat step 02 and 03 each month
  5. you cancel any time after the 2nd month

And that's how you can finally relax
and focus on growing your business!

Your website is critical to your business.

Your website is supposed to do the heavy lifting for your business. If it's not bringing you leads and generating customers and revenue because it is not properly taken care of, you have a problem.

Your website represents and supports you and your business. It is the crucial entryway to more contact and engagement with potential partners and clients.

Without that engagement and goodwill, your business is going nowhere. So you need to know the door is open 24/7 for your audience. No interruption, no excuses!

But all software is vulnerable.

Murphy's law of life: things that can break will break given half a chance. Often in the nastiest possible way for you and your business.

Updates enforce security and make getting hacked much less likely. Sensible security measures like login protection and monitoring can also go a long way to protect your business and your clients.

Unfortunately being out there also means being an easy target. Just ask Twitter or Target (no pun intended angel) or the millions of small businesses that get attacked every year.

And when things get really hairy you need someone who knows exactly where to look.

I don't provide generic or good-enough support. I am a Concrete5 specialist and I know the software behind your site like the back of my hand.

I deal with emergencies right away so you don't end up with torch-bearing clients knocking at your door, demanding to get their money back —and burn the witch— while your competition watches, waiting to feast on your remains.

So far my success rate for disaster recovery has been 100%.

Subscription plans big and small

3 to 10 hours of full monthly availability in 3 subscription plans for you to choose from.

Don't let the names fool you, these 3 plans give you the exact same full access to support and proactive support from a Concrete5 specialist.

But of course, with less time, less can get accomplished each month.

Up to 2 hours of unused time can roll over to the next month.

The minimum contract length is 2 months.

Discounts are available for long-term contracts.

Too much, too early?

Maybe you just don't need that many hours that often?

I get it, we don't know each other. You want to take it slow, taste the water.

Fear not, I got you covered. You can get it all in an 5 or 10-hour increment.

Get a prepaid 5 or 10-hour block and take your time using it any way you want over 3 or 6 months.

If you know you'll need easy access to a Concrete5 specialist but are not sure when these prepaid 5 and 10-hour blocks are perfect.

You get the exact same on-demand access to a Concrete5 specialist as with the monthly support and technical subscription plans but with a much more relaxed schedule.

We were down for several days and I checked out so many places and tech support, everywhere, I could not find help. Until I was referred over to the guys at

And Boy did they help us out!

Within a couple of hours our site was back up and running and everything was working smoothly and I could not have done it without them.

Heino Moeller

Heino Moeller Radio Host - The Music Row Show

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