To the rest of the world, Concrete5 is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS). You feed it content in a straightforward way and it spits out a website.

Concrete5 is a multi-award winner CMS

To you, as a site owner, Concrete5 is the key to taking and retaining full control of your website—and the deterrent to most future headaches.

It is also free and open-sourced under the very liberal MIT license a.k.a the do-as-you-damn-please license. How's that for a cherry on top?

Packed and ready to go

Concrete5 is totally free and comes packed with many options that make it ready to work for you from the get-go.

While other CMS systems force you to download and install several third-party plugins to do the most basic things, Concrete5 comes packed will all the goodies:

  • A flexible user management system for your team or your users: easily add, remove and manage users, allow or block registrations, group them any way you want.
  • Permissions are baked-in. With great user management, you need to manage permissions in a few clicks. Easily set and control team roles (editors, administrators…) and how much of your content your users can access (think membership site)
  • Plugins for forms, slideshows, social links and more all included by default and updated with the core. No more relying on third-party plugins even for basic stuff
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools baked in and easy to manage
  • A powerful file management system so all your assets are at hand when you need them
  • There is more but the list is too long

It's perfect for any business, it's a perfect fit for a SAAS

Reliable and secure

Because Concrete5 comes bundled with so many core plugins and functionalities, you get:

  • Convenience: you don't have to go shopping around for dozens of tools, many of them costing money
  • Reliability: when Concrete5 is updated, all included plugins and tools will still work as opposed to third-party tools that can break and leave your site dead in the water
  • Security: the less you have to rely on third-party plugins the better it is for your site's security. Unsecure third-party plugins are the number one reason websites get hacked with any CMS.

Concrete5 is also one of the only CMS which imposes strict standards to plugin developers. So even if you use a third-party plugin, you know it has been tested, assessed, and approved by a team of independent experts.

I should know, I'm one of them :)

I always wanted to spend soul-crushing hours of gruesome effort trying to figure out how to add the simplest content to my website.

Now, the most mundane tasks feel like pulling teeth and I love it!

No One Ever

No One Ever Head unicorn - Neverland

Easy to grasp, easy to work with

As a site owner you need a website that you can easily work with and as easily explain to your team.

Concrete5 makes sense. Even the most hardcore non-techies “get” Concrete5.

In only half-an-hour, you can already be adding pages and content to your website and your toughest challenge will be to curb your enthusiasm.

Without a single line of code, you can change your theme's design to your liking, and drag-and-drop photo galleries, forms, content, and images.

With only a few clicks of your mouse, you can secure whole sections of your website and ensure only designated users can get access.

Or you could be building a blog and fine-tuning your SEO.

You grow, Concrete5 will follow

You also need a system that can grow with your business.

Concrete5 is built with modern technologies and is under no threat of obsolescence.

It is used by 1000s of websites from small shops to large organizations and has been for years. Reliably so.

While other CMS systems choose to hang on to legacy technologies for (their own) convenience sake, Concrete5 recently went through a complete overhaul that made it faster, stronger, and more future-proof.

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