Concrete5 Development Subscriptions

25-80 hours/month

A long-term partnership increases your ROI and brings innovation to your Concrete5 platform. Meanwhile, you have full control over expenses and costs.

I provide on-going technical Concrete5 development, consulting and support to SMEs with a long-term strategy.

Consistency and predictability beat winging it every time!

Why choose to work with me?

I work with SMEs and fellow agencies across the world providing technical, creative and support services. Here's why I'm the right fit.

Concrete5 Support Subscriptions

3-10 hours/month

Too much on your plate? Good for you! Now might be time to get on board all the specialized help you can get.

  1. we get a signed agreement and payment in place
  2. you send tasks and I schedule them to be completed
  3. I also keep a proactive eye on things
  4. you relax and work on growing your business
  5. we repeat step 02 to 04 each month

And that's how easy it is with a nerd on your side!

Just need a few hours here and there?

I’m a Concrete5 Core contributor and specialist.
You can book me for on-demand consulting and problem-solving activities.

5 to 10-hour blocks

$75 to 85/hour — valid 3 to 6 months

  • Block templates
  • Front-end tweaks
  • Quick troubleshooting
  • Plugin installation and setting
  • Concrete5 installation and update
  • Custom block building
  • Theme modification
  • API integration
  • Optimization & tweaks
  • Technical consulting

We had 2 prior bad experiences with programmers that took advantage of us so I feel very fortunate to have found someone who was so sincere in their offer to help.

Your objective assessment of the issues and problems we had with our website and the work you have done to help us continue using it until we can get a new website off the ground have been invaluable to me.

Michelle Chadwick

Michelle Chadwick Director - Sleep Disorders Australia

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