Is an on-going subscription the right choice for you?

If you have clear business goals and a strategy to crush them with no compulsion to wing it, I'd say it is.

If you're dying to see your Return On Investment and peace of mind increase over time, it definitely is.

And if you're tired of running around like a headless chicken every time you need a technical partner the most then yes, absolutely, a subscription is the right choice for you.

All the benefits of a retainer, none of the drawbacks

A Concrete5 technical subscription lets you hire me and allocate monthly activities related to your Concrete5 websites. That's websites with an “s” as any and all your websites are included if you wish.

if you want to offload your technical stack to a proven specialist you can hire me for consultancy, troubleshooting, bespoke plugin development, performance optimization and more.

This is a monthly subscription with no minimum engagement. Cancel any time.

You get:

  • The flexibility to change your mind and to experiment with your project without having to rewrite a quote and agonize over the budget again.
  • The full availability of an in-house consultant and developer without the extra overhead, the desk, the paid holiday, the benefits...
  • Total control over your budget knowing exactly how much you are going to spend each and every month.

Flexibility, availability, predictability and again, with absolutely no minimum engagement so you can cancel any time.

Subscription plans big and small

25 to 80 hours of full monthly availability in 3 subscription plans for you to choose from.

Don't let the names fool you, these 3 plans give you the exact same full access to consulting, development and support from a Concrete5 specialist.

The difference is the number of hours and the hourly rate.

There is no minimum contract length but discounts are available for long-term contracts.

Too much, too early?

Maybe you just don't need that many hours that often?

I get it, we don't know each other. You want to take it slow, taste the water.

Fear not, I got you covered. You can get it all in a 5 or 10-hour increment.

Get a prepaid 5 or 10-hour block and take your time using it any way you want over 3 or 6 months.

If you know you'll need easy access to a Concrete5 specialist but are not sure when these 5 to 10-hour blocks are perfect.

You get the exact same on-demand access to a Concrete5 specialist as with the monthly technical subscription plans but with a much more relaxed schedule.

Nour has done a great job…

We've loved how he's capable of understanding what it is we're looking for, and thinks of creative ways to tackle the issues while keeping the user experience a priority. That's a big benefit.

Rachael Novak

Rachael Novak Marketing Specialist - Advanced Micro Controls Inc

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