Designing a good-looking website is already hard enough. Do you really have to do it all by hand?

Now if all you really want is to add pretty buttons to your site—easy and fast—Buttons Factory Pro has your back.

But you’ll sure be missing out on all the other goodies

I was intrigued by the description and the positive reviews… and so, I purchased a license for one of my larger projects. It worked out so well that… just a few days later, I purchased a second license for one of my other large projects.

Not only has it saved me a good deal of time (eliminating tedious graphics tweaking), but it also quickly improves the look and feel of the site. Makes everything look more polished.
I have been rolling through my projects and using it extensively. One of the better plugins I've purchased in awhile. It's already a great tool so any updates will only make it better! Great tool!
Gary Dimel (drvonzuko)

Gary Dimel (drvonzuko) Serial user - Buttons Factory Pro for Concrete5

10 different button styles

Make sure to hover over each button and click them to see how each style looks in action.

7 built-in color schemes & 2 custom ones

Make sure to hover over the buttons with custom colors to see how text and icon can get separate colors.

10 built-in shapes & 2 custom ones

First each shape is displayed with the same flat style so you can see exactly what it looks like.

Next each shape is using a different style so you can see how well styles and shapes work together.

6 built-in sizes & 1 custom one

All sizes are a multiple of the Normal one. The Jumbo size, for instance, is 1.5x the normal size. The Tiny size is 0.6 the Normal one. Notice how text and icon are scaled as well.

I have found this add-on one of the best I have ever used. The ease of use and ability to custom change the colour among the other tweaks is just what I was looking for. I personally find the look of the buttons very stylish.
Darren Cleaver (melange)

Darren Cleaver (melange) Just what I was looking for! - Button Factory Pro for concrete5

Long shadows & other eye candies

Button Factory Pro includes 3 extra eye candies: Long Shadows, Volume Wrappers and a Glow Effect. The wrapper works better on rounded shapes.

FontAwesome icons

Button Factory Pro includes FontAwesome and all its custom classes. Plus a few design tricks of its own with placement and background.

Button groups

You can group any kind of buttons together mixing styles and shapes. Not everything will match aesthetically though…

Different types of links

Button Factory Pro lets you set links to internal or external pages, page sections and files to display or download. Check the file example you'll see the link to the file is even obfuscated and doesn't give away its path or file ID

Widgets & intervactive content

Button Factory Pro lets you add 3 types of widgets to your buttons: a dropdown, a popup, or a popover.

Popup - YouTube videoPopup - Stack (an ajax form)
I think I'm only utilizing 10% of the addon's functionality, but what I have used so far has saved me so much time. Great support too; what I don't know or understand is explained to me within a day.
Gerald Lee (adminEasy)

Gerald Lee (adminEasy) Great Addon - Excellent Support - Button Factory Pro for concrete5

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