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With Touch Gallery, you can display a single thumbnail for a multi-image gallery

You can display the first, last, or a random thumbnail from the gallery’s file-set.

It’s a nice way to display several galleries on the same page without taking up too much space.

And you can use any template you want. The single thumbnail setting works with all provided or custom templates.

Easily build multi-set galleries

The example below is actually made of 3 different galleries side-by-side, each working independently.

Each gallery is set to display its file-set label and use it as a title. It’s a great way to organize photos by theme or category.

Each gallery is set to display a thumbnail using a different pattern:

  • The 1st gallery uses the first image from its file-set
  • The 2nd gallery uses a random image from the set (reload the page to see it in action)
  • The 3rd gallery uses the last image from its set

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