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Touch Gallery is dynamic

Set the desired behavior when clicking on an overlay image

Touch Gallery can either close the overlay or move to the next image when clicking on an overlay image. Clicking the overlay itself always closes it.

The following example is set to move to the next image. Also, notice what happens when you reach the last image and keep clicking.

This example below is set to close the overlay when clicking on the image. Also notice that it is set to optionally hide the closing icon (top-right corner) since we don’t really need it anymore.

Set the desired behavior at the edges

You can decide to hide your arrows at the edges (first and last image) or alternatively, to browse your images in a loop.

The following 2 examples showcase both possibilities. Open the gallery and keep clicking and see what happens.

Minimize the clutter and visual distractions

Touch Gallery can automatically hide the closing icon and the overlay captions after a set time you specify.

The following example is set to hide them after 3 seconds. Move to the next image or click on the small top-right icon to show them again.

Randomize your Touch Gallery display to avid a stale look and keep your galleries always fresh-looking

Did you notice how all the galleries above use the same file set but show their images in a different order?

The first gallery always shows the images in the same order. It respects the file set order.

All the other galleries show images in a random order that mutates every time you reload the page. Go ahead, try it!

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