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Touch Gallery triggers events for you to hook on

Touch Gallery provides you with 5 events: before and after opening the overlay, before and after closing the overlay, and on image viewed.
Hooking on these events you can enhance and customize the user experience. Try it with the gallery below you'll see.

I'm hooked, tell me more!

Touch Gallery fires 5 events for you too latch on and use any way you want.

Events are triggered:

  1. Just before the full-screen overlay opens
  2. Right after it finished opening
  3. Just before it closes
  4. Right after it's done closing
  5. And every time an image is viewed

With each event, you receive 6 pieces of information:

  1. The index of the image currently or last viewed
  2. The file name for the image
  3. The title of the image if any
  4. The description of the image if any
  5. The total number of images in the gallery
  6. The name of the file-set the image belongs to

Hey there!

I am set to appear when the overlay opens up, no matter which image you click first.

Right now you clicked image #1 titled some title.

You could be asking your visitor a question or give her extra information.

Go ahead, go to the next image and see what happens

I was triggered by an “Image Viewed” event that lets you react to the user browsing through your images.

For instance, I could try to make you interested in Two-factor Login Security, the only way to truly secure your critical Concrete5 user accounts.

Browse a few more images and see what happens.


I was designed to appear 2 images after the previous message.

I was also designed to get on your nerves by never going away until you close the gallery.

Try browsing images and when you really had it close the overlay and see what happens.

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